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Jacob Kjar
  • Jacob Kjær1896-1957

After receiving training in the workshop of his father, who was a furniture maker, Jacob Kjar went to places like Berlin and Paris for further training. As a Snedkermester, he exhibited his works in Barcelona World Expo in 1929 and other events, and won many awards as well. Most of his works are characterized by simplicity in design, but, if you look closer, you will notice that their details are elaborately worked out to a surprising degree. He was a first-class furniture maker who made no compromise in his selection of materials, fabrication, structure, and working process.

Chairs of Jacob Kjær have exellent design made possible by his knowkadge & skills as furniture maker. He used only the finest materials including animal hair in his upholstery. Combined with carefull hand crafting, furniture of the highest quality was produced.

Snedkermester : a title given to the most excellent furniture makers